Estate Planning – Why it’s time to act

It’s time to address your Estate planning ‘Estate Planning’, it’s something that we put off.  Perhaps because we don’t feel like we have an ‘estate‘ or perhaps our ‘estate’ is too complex.  Some have lodged a will 20 years ago, the majority of us still haven’t ever got around to it. The truth is, we… Read more »

What happens when a sole member of an SMSF loses capacity?

A loss of capacity of a person can occur when a person is unable to understand the nature of a document or is unable to communicate a decision. What do I do?

What happens to your superannuation when you die?

What happens to your superannuation when you die?

Well, that depends on what has been set up Superannuation is one of the biggest assets that you will have in your life, alongside your home, so it’s important to set up your superannuation properly. Superannuation also happens to be the most boring topic of conversation, in which most of us simply tune out. However,… Read more »